• Robert janás
    Robert janás
  • Igor Grimmich
    Igor Grimmich
  • Lukáš Orlita
    Lukáš Orlita
  • Marek SLavík
    Marek SLavík
  • Jan Spěváček
    Jan Spěváček
  • Tomáš Spevák
    Tomáš Spevák

 Prague Stuckists

Prague Stuckists are a loose group of independent younger and middle-aged artists equally representing Prague and Brno, two art capitals of the Czech Republic. Prague Stuckists are focused on classical art techniques, painting in particular. Prague Stuckists were founded in 2004 by Robert Janás as the first multi-member branch of stuckism in the former Eastern Bloc countries. Nowadays the ties of Prague Stuckists to stuckism are very loose. They cannot be associated with all what stuckists do. Prague Stuckists defend principles of democracy and pluralism in art. Prague Stuckists support respect to works of other artists and the possibility of alternative views on contemporary art, without any claim to objectivity. Prague Stuckists reject the use of lies and misleading information as means of self-promotion of artists. Prague Stuckists are Robert Janás, Igor Grimmich, Lukáš Orlita, Marek Slavík, Jan Spěváček, Tomáš Spevák.